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Lean 5S Posters for the Workplace.


There are a number of Lean 5S posters available out there and I have links and pictures below for several that are available for you to purchase. These 5S posters can aid you in your 5S program by reinforcing the message that you are trying to get over as well as reminding your employees as to what their duties are with respect to the implementation of 5S. If you want to buy 5S poster then these links below will help;

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5S Motivational Posters


Some people laugh at them and others think they are great, the motivational poster has been around for many years and they adorn the walls of many businesses; but are they really effective? Well that depends on the environment that they are placed within and basic attitudes of those people viewing them. Place them in an environment that does not reflect the message on the poster or shove them on the back of the lavatory door and you’re not likely to get the effect that you are looking for.


5S Posters as part of your business strategy


5S Poster

5S Poster by Gemba Research


A 5S poster will have no benefit to you, in fact it may just have the opposite effect if your business culture and direction do not reflect the message that you are trying to put across with the poster. The ‘BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE” message displayed around a company in which employee involvement is felt to be discouraged by the management is hardly likely to inspire the behavior advocated by the motivational poster.

Your 5S posters must reflect the business culture that you are trying to achieve and you must have other strategies in place to support the culture. If you want a participative and positive workforce then the posters should be there to support your other initiatives such as problem solving groups, implemented suggestion schemes and so forth. If you don’t actually do, or promote what the poster says then you may as well not bother with it!

However if you have the actions in place to back up the culture that you wish to promote then these posters have a place, they can act as a positive reinforcement of what you are trying to achieve. Placed in a number of prominent places around the company they can  help to subconsciously imbed the message that you want to get over to your employees.



5S Poster Placement


You need to put the 5S posters where they will have the greatest impact, in the main corridor is not likely to have much effect. The 5S posters should be located where the work is actually being done, where the employees will see them during their working day and be able to compare the message to what they are actually doing.
Also place the posters in training and meeting areas as a reminder of your aims, the benefits of 5S and Lean benefits in general are significant for your business, so take every potential opportunity to increase these benefits.
Placed in these meeting areas these posters can become a source of reference during training, problem solving and improvement sessions.


Lean 5S Related Posters


The most relevant other posters to locate with your 5S posters are posters depicting the seven wastes of lean; these are the non-value adding activities that you are seeking to eliminate with your 5S implementation. Also problem solving posters are always a good choice to help focus your employees on continuous improvement of their workplace.


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Other 5S Products to Motivate your workforce


There are a number of other products that you could use to motivate and educate your workforce with regard to lean 5S. Used as a part of your 5S training program; the use of 5S videos or 5S DVDs, 5S quick reference guides, 5S training materials, and Lean 5S games can be highly effective tools to improve your business performance.


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If you have any comments or observations about the use of 5S posters within the workplace or would like to share any success stories regarding the use of 5S posters please feel free to use the space below.

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