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5S Training


5S training is an important part of any 5S implementation program, you will either have to have your own in-house trainer for 5S or bring in an experienced 5S consultant or trainer. If you intend to use your own in-house trainer or if you yourself want to become a 5S trainer or consultant then you will need to have some 5S training materials to aid your training sessions.

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Using 5S Games and 5S Simulations


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Using Lean 5S Simulations

There are a number of 5S games and 5S simulations on the market that will enable you to demonstrate the steps and benefits of 5S by actually doing 5S with your training group within the classroom environment. These games are simple to use and allow you to demonstrate clearly the level of improvement that can be quickly achieved with the application of Lean Manufacturing tools such as 5S.
Most people learn more and retain more from actually doing something than just listening to a presentation or watching a video, these 5S simulations and 5S exercises are the best way to get your message over to those being trained; making the 5S training both educational and fun at the same time.
These 5S games also help in pulling together your teams as they require more than just individual participation.

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5S training DVDs


5S training DVDs are very useful tools to not only give good education into the process of implementing 5S but also excellent for giving visual demonstration of the actual implementation. DVDs and videos are also very flexible in that they can be used as both an addition to a full blown training package or for an individual to sit down and remind themselves as to the power of 5S.

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5S Training Packages


There are a few excellent 5S training packages available on the market from highly respected companies in the field. These packages contain, 5S presentations, 5S exercises and 5S videos along with all the notes and tips for training your employees. As an in-house trainer or as a 5S consultant these 5S training materials are an excellent all round source.

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Create your own 5S Training Materials


You can always create your own 5S training simulation, there are a couple of very simple ways to demonstrate the power of some of the steps of 5S using simple paper exercises such as the 5S Numbers game paper exercise.
You could also demonstrate 5S effectively using lego and a couple of tool boxes; in one toolbox you have a clear set of instructions including simple digital photos to build a simple house using the lego, each required block having its own cell in the toolbox clearly labeled in the order required. The second toolbox having a set of text only instructions and all of the required lego parts (plus many additional parts) being placed in the bottom of the box in a jumble. This could be improved on by having additional boxes for each step of the 5S process.


Other 5S training supplies


There are a number of other items that could help you prepare for and run an effective 5S training session, it is always best to ensure that you get everything organized and planned in advance for your 5S training.

5S Books which you can use as an reference resource for yourself and those whom you are training. You can also download 5S eBooks that you can then read on your laptop or even your phone.

5S Quick reference guides as a handy pocket reminder of 5S.

5S Posters are a useful tool to keep the message in front of those being trained in 5S.

5S Supplies for the implementation stage of your training such as shadow board kits and red tags.

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If you have any suggestions or questions regarding 5S training materials then please leave it in the area below.

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