5S pocket reference guides


5S Pocket Guides


5S Pocket reference guides and 5S quick reference guides and cards can be very useful items to carry with you during any 5S implementation. Use them as both a reminder to yourself for the important 5S steps and as a tool to use to show other employees what it is that you are trying to train them with.

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5S quick reference guides


5S Reference Guides

Use simple graphics for 5S reference

When I was a “young engineer” implementing lean manufacturing tools such as 5S I often created small pocket sized laminated cards that I could use to demonstrate a specific point of the tools that I was trying to implement with the other employees. These at the time were either cartoons drawn by a capable friend of mine or PowerPoint type presentation slides with graphics that were then printed pocket sized and laminated. These were quite time consuming to produce but very effective when trying to train others, a simple sketch demonstrating a step of 5S or one of the seven wastes was often more effective than any ten minute verbal explanation that I could give.
However now it is no longer necessary to go through the time and effort of creating your own, very professional and long lasting versions are available from a number of sources.


5S Information at your Fingertips


5S pocket guides now do not have to be a physical book, with the increasing popularity of higher capability phone devices and PC tablets many people have access to any 5S books by simply going to download 5S eBooks which can then be viewed on a multitude of differing platforms.

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More 5S training and implementation products


There are many other items that you could need if you are looking to implement 5S or to train others in its implementation. The following are some suggestions as to other items that may be of use to you and to aid you in a smooth and effective implementation of 5S;

5S DVDs to use within team training and for individual education, always useful to give visual examples of 5S in action.

5S Posters as an effective way of getting your message over to the workforce.

5S Games and Simulations to help demonstrate effectively the power of implementing 5S.

5S training materials for your 5S training session.

5S Supplies for your implementation such as red tags and shadow-boards.


Better to ensure that you are prepared fully for any 5S Training or Implementation to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that you achieve the best possible results.

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If you have any questions about the use of 5S pocket reference guides and their use in 5S training and implementation please use the comments area below

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