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5S reference materials

Below are selections of what I consider to be good works on the subject of 5S for lean manufacturing. 5S is one of the most important foundation blocks of lean manufacturing, without implementing a 5S program you will surely fail in any business improvement initiative.

5S Basic books

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5S Implementation books

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Why do you need a 5S book?


If you have absolutely no idea what 5S is and you are looking to improve your business then this is the ideal opportunity to educate yourself in the lean manufacturing tool of 5S with a little 5S reading. I have grouped the books above into 5S books that will give you a basic overview which will be suitable for those managing a company or area in which 5S is to be implemented and into more in depth publications which will enable practitioners gain a deeper understanding and get a few ideas as to how to improve their 5S training or implementation techniques.


5S Training books


Below are a series of books and other media to help those practitioners who wish to train or consult in the areas of 5S. If you are going to train people in the application of lean 5S then you should consider purchasing some 5S DVDs or videos, 5S training Packages, 5S posters, 5S games and simulations, and 5S Supplies.

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What is 5S


5S Book

Read up on 5S



5S is a lean manufacturing tool which seeks to organize your workplace in an efficient and safe manner to ensure a base upon which to grow further improvements for your business. It also ensures standardized ways of working which will reduce the variation within your processes and make problems far more obvious and improvements more sustainable. The benefits of 5S are significant and a good 5S program implementation can make a huge impact on your profits.


The steps of 5S are;

  • 5S Seiri;      Sort, Clearing, Classify
  • 5S Seiton;     Straighten, Simplify, Set in order, Configure
  • 5S Seiso;     Sweep, shine, Scrub, Clean and Check
  • 5S Seiketsu;     Standardize, stabilize, Conformity
  • 5S Shitsuke;     Sustain, self discipline, custom and practice

Some companies add safety as a 6th step making 6S.


5S downloads


For those of you who own a kindle or would like to have a 5S or lean manufacturing publication available to read electronically on your computer then I have included a number of 5S ebook downloads below. These are also extremely helpful if you happen to live in a country in which the various bookstores do not operate or charge expensive shipping fees, as well as being on the whole cheaper than the bound paper versions these downloads avoid all those other expenses and problems. Remember you can read these ebooks on your laptop or even your cell phone if you do not have a kindle.

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If you have any comments or recommendations for 5S books please feel free to leave a comment below.

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