5S Supplies


Recommended 5S supplies

Below are a selection of 5S Supplies and 5S products that may help you with regard to you 5S implementation program, either for 5S trainers running 5S training or for your own in-house 5S training and implementations.

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What supplies do you need for 5S implementations?


5S products

Products required to support 5S



You will often need a variety of items everything from 5S training supplies to equipment, racking, marking tape etc that you will need for applying the various steps of 5S in your workplace.


5S Training Supplies


If you are conducting 5S training then there are a number of items that you could purchase to enhance the training and awareness of your employees;

5S Posters to put in strategic places within your facility to create and maintain awareness of 5S.

5S Guides and reference cards to use as training aids and reminders.

5S DVDs to use as part of your 5s in-house training courses or for individual consumption.

5S books for training and reference, you can even download 5S eBooks.

5S games to enhance your training sessions.

5S Training packages as an all round package containing presentations and DVDs etc.

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5S Implementation Supplies


Everything that you may need from;

5S Floor marking tapes and paints to highlight your process flow

5S Red Tags for using to identify unused and defective machinery and other items.

5S organization trays and racking

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Ensure that you are prepared for your 5S implementation and training, as they say proper preparation and planning prevents poor performance; but I may have missed one “p”.


If you have any questions or comments about 5S supplies for your 5S training or 5S implementation feel free to leave a comment below.

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