Hiring a 5S Consultant Trainer

Why you need 5S Training


If your company has a lean initiative and is looking to implement a 5S program then you will need to go and hire a 5S consultant or Trainer. Training is a very important part of your 5S program, without it you will almost certainly fail.
A 5S Consultant or 5S Trainer will bring with them a host of experience in not only training your people but also in the possible ways of improving your workplace leaned from many other implementations of 5S and lean manufacturing in both factory and 5S office. His role is one of facilitation to ensure that your teams learn the steps of 5S and implement them in a way that suits them and benefits your company.


How to find a 5S Trainer or 5S consultant


There are many places in which you can find a good trainer;

  • Local and national trade publications
  • Recommendation by other businesses
  • Government business support such as Business link or Manufacturing advisory service
  • Your local business banker
  • Local Universities or colleges
  • The internet (use your geographical location in the search also to get “local” consultants and trainers)


5S Consultant rates


5S Consultant for hire

Hire a consultant to run 5S Training

Rates vary considerably depending on the skills and reputation of the consultant in question, a local “expert” may charge a few hundred per day whereas the big consulting groups will be charging a daily rate in the thousands.
I have seen local consultants that have performed at a far higher standard than some of the big consultancies and others that I would not hire to clean my house, it is important that you review their previous implementations to ascertain their suitability.
You may also find that if you go through government or academic routes to find your consultant that the rates may be lower and could also possibly subsidized, even totally free! It is always worthwhile contacting these government bodies such as the business links and manufacturing advisory services to see what they can offer.


Selecting your 5S Trainer


There are many people out there offering training and consultancy, however the standards vary considerably. Where possible don’t just rely on the sales talk of the trainer go and look at what they have done in the past. If they have conducted 5S training in another company and the clients were happy then they should be happy to allow you to come see their success.
References and going to see truly are the best way to get an idea as to how good your potential 5S trainer or 5S Consultant is going to perform for you and your business. Make sure that you see the results of the actual 5S consultant that will be working with you, not the companies start performer and salesman! Far too often you will find one person coming to sell you service from some of the big consultancies whilst you get someone completely different to actually perform the training.


Supporting your 5S Consultant or Trainer


If you are going to be implementing a 5S Program then you will need to ensure that you support your trainer, whether an in house 5S training course or one run by an external 5S trainer you will have to have a few items to support your 5S initiative. The following are a few things that you should consider purchasing to support the 5S training and implementation of 5S;

5S posters placed in training areas and implementation areas will help to reinforce your message.

5S Training Packages will give you ready made training programs and materials that you could use for in house 5S Training.

5S Games or Simulations are a fun and highly informative way to train your employees.

5S Books or 5S eBooks will give you all the reference materials you will need.

5S DVDs are useful to give examples against which you can compare your facility.

5S Pocket reference cards  as give away resources and as useful reference materials.

5S Supplies such as red tags, floor marking, and shadow board kits.




If you have any questions regarding hiring a 5S Consultant or 5S Trainer please feel free to ask in the area below.

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  1. Anthony Linton
    December 14, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    I work for a large pharmecutical company and want to bring 5S to our maintenance shop. Who would you recommend I contact.


    Anthony Linton

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